Reader's Letters

Congratulations on the wonderful job that you have done in putting together such a delightful spread! (Mar-Apr 2014)

Deepa, Puducherry
March 06 2014

...thank you for the pleasant experience of reading the two issues of Reading Hour you had sent me. Congratulations for the remarkable consistency in editorial and production standards.

July 14 2014

Thank you for emailing the latest issue of Reading Hour. It is superb. Great articles, nice interviews and absolutely lovely art work as well. Enjoying and savouring the stories.

Sarah, Houston
July 09 2014

Reading Hour has been an enriching experience - in addition to the magazine content, the pointers and reviews to other books and material has greatly enhanced my reading experience.

Bhavesh, Bangalore
July 09 2014
Have been going through the July issue and have really liked the introduction
to Keshav V's paintings... Loved the essay on the pleasures of Translation ... it is good to hear about such erudite dedicated and truly down to earth and humble people. It inspired me to order two copies of the Classical Tamil Love Poetry for people I know would love it. 
The connection between Math and Music is interesting and educative opening a hitherto unaware sensibility. 
The quality of writing in these three is impressive and not just because of the subject. 
Abha, Mumbai
July 09 2014
... I really enjoyed Mens Rea, Leave Behind a Whisper, The Truth and Fiction... actually this issue seems to be full of the strange labyrinth of human psychology.
Junaid's story attempted an unusual perspective and a quaintly plausible 'ghost pain' (is that where the term originated?) and 'A Doctor's Dharma was chilling also insightful about what guilt could do to a person.
Loved the stories.
Abha, Mumbai
May 10 2014

Anita Kainthla's story is undoubtedly fantastic. The language and imagery are
mind blowing. (Mar-Apr 2014)

Junaid, Meerut
March 08 2014
It is again a very absorbing issue. There is a lot of variety and much of it is refreshingly off-beat.
Malini, Chennai
January 06 2014
Thank you so very much for the Reading Hour issue. What a beautiful way to start the New Year!
Shobhana, Bangalore
January 04 2014

Great issue! Please compliment Anita Murthy for "A gift for thatha". It made my day!

Hemant, Mumbai
November 28 2013

Congratulations to Priyanka Suresh. Her 'Sunshine Through Sugarcane Fields' is pleasantly warm.

She has nicely brought out the rural north indian ambience come alive in the story. I am waiting for the remaining ninety nine odd tales she is still hoarding.

Thanks to Reading Hour for publishing such a nice story.

October 31 2013


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