Reader's Letters

I saw the print edition of ‘Reading Hour’ recently, and I liked the unassuming look of the magazine. I instantly wanted to be a part of it.

Dibyajyoti, Pune
February 08 2011

"...Received my copy of Reading hour and you can't imagine how excited I am. It really has turned out very well..."

Monideepa, Bangalore
February 02 2011

"It was a pleasure reading the "reading hour" and this month's issue is really impressive."

Manpreet, Delhi
February 02 2011

Yesterday I was shuffling magazines at Reliance Time Out and I found the Reading Hour. It's my habit to read editorial page first, then I turned the page and I loved the combination of articles. I read the poetry of your magazine and liked it. I have also read the story called One winter evening. It's also a good one!

Raj, Ahmedabad
January 30 2011

"'s great to see a publication of this sort in existence. Also liked the format very much - no jazzy visuals to distract what you want to do, that is, read, read and read!"

Payal, Bangalore
January 14 2011


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