Reader's Letters

The poetry in this issue (Sep-Oct 2011) is amazing. Makes a good read :)

Shruti, Mumbai
September 10 2011

The juba article reminded me of the times i have been there.. my most enduring memory of South Sudan is driving along a road in western equatoria province to see a sign that said "Watch out Runway ahead" and it was! A road cutting across a bush runway. Sadly had no camera and anyway it was pouring buckets.

Makarand, Africa
September 08 2011

... really enjoyed the Sep-Oct 2011 issue .....just loved reading 'The Working Life', for it seemed to describe my life as well and perfectly too.....the essay on 'Temple town' was also very nice.

Mimmi, Kolkata
September 08 2011

I read your May-Jun issue right away and really enjoyed it. The story - Scent of Ripe Guavas - was especially striking - very moving and evocative. It stirs memories of childhood, of comfort and of attendant loss in equal measure.

Jahnavi, Bangalore
September 01 2011

I discovered your magazine (June issue) in Granth bookstore in Mumbai when I was visiting India last month and just bought it on impulse. It's such a relief to finally have an interesting magazine that caters to the needs of fiction enthusiasts and writers and the content of which isn't limited to fashion, lifestyle or Bollywood gossip.

Zainab, Mumbai
August 04 2011

...may I say how utterly addictive your magazine is? I told myself I'd read only one short story before I got back to work... I've only now (after reading about half the magazine) decided I really do need to put it aside.

Madhulika, Delhi
July 13 2011

I ordered 2 issues of Reading Hour through Flipkart and am enjoying them immensely. I especially like Indian writings in English and short stories happen to be my favourite. So I cannot begin to describe how much I liked the pan India coverage of various short fictions by Reading Hour authors. In fact, I have become a fan of authors like Dr. Reeta Mani, Payal Dhar, Ritu Monjori, Dibyajothi and the likes. I also liked the travel articles and other general information pieces like the one on Goa's Poders by Ashwin Honawar. My hearty congratulations to one and all of them and of course you too for a wonderful offering like Reading Hour.

Ramamani, Bangalore
July 04 2011

Took the latest RH with me on a trip, and read it cover to cover. Enjoyed many of the pieces - Howl, and Ephemera and about the Poders in particular, and a good portion of the poetry.

Jane, Bangalore
June 07 2011

Congratulations on the choice of stories and articles... Nainsukh in the first issue and the story of the impromptu kiss from the second are both a permanent part of my memory!

Kavita, Mumbai
May 30 2011

Reading Hour is like a breath of fresh air! No airs about it, yet pleasant and having a diverse portfolio. I also appreciate the fact that this magazine gives a platform for budding writers to display their writing skills.

Dr. Sanjana, Bangalore
May 20 2011


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