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The last issue of Reading Hour was as usual very good and this time I must say that a couple of the fiction pieces were lyrical and closer to poetry.  Especially Smitha Sehgal’s  Serpent Stone which I found captivating.  I had read somewhere that short fiction must be closer to poetry and reading this piece reminded me of that.  Sharath Komaraju, as always, approaches the likes of Isaac Asimov of whom I am a great fan.

Sastry, Bangalore
January 15 2012

Received my copy of the jan-feb reading hour yesterday... We (wife, son and I) are currently fighting over who gets to read first ;-) already read some nice poems... especially liked #25...

Makarand, Pune
January 06 2012

I loved the magazine and am reading the stories one by one. The poetry was great. What I love about Reading Hour is its slightly informal tone and its great literary quality.

Janaki, Chennai
January 03 2012

I'm sending a copy of the subscription form as I did not have the heart to tear this beautiful magazine... hope it's okay.

Kshitija, Mumbai
December 25 2011

I read the November issue of Reading Hour -a well chosen and balanced assortment of writing work in a magazine that I read with pure undiluted pleasure always-Kudos to the team. The fiction article  by Rumjhum Biswas was especially noteworthy.

Rinkoo, Sikkim
November 21 2011

Got the new RH! Have read only half of it as yet... but I loved Condiments by Rumjhum Biswas and The King of Dreams by Jahnavi Barua - I find a lot of soul in her writing...

Reeta, Bangalore
November 15 2011

Sulekha N's piece very enjoyable :)
I had to laugh out loud!

Devika, Pune
November 13 2011

Got the new issue and again you have a very well balanced magazine that retains in its content the flavour of the earlier Reading Hours. Once again Sharath Komarraju has made a fine contribution.

Sastry, Bangalore
November 12 2011

...I came across Reading Hour and judging by its overall simplicity I thought it must be a bit boring for person of my age to read such a magazine. But, desperate to get something good to read, I gave it a try and came back home with the magazine. I just simply couldn't believe that I was reading something which was the exact replica of my 'dream magazine'...

Anika, Chennai
October 28 2011

I enjoyed reading Fried Ice-cream very much. It was a delicious and a sensous read!
Would love to read more in RH from Rasagya Kabra.

Reeta, Bangalore
September 15 2011


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