Reader's Letters

Thank you for the latest issue of Reading Hour. The front cover is great. I have already gobbled  up the poetry and I am going to slowly savour the prose.

Usha, UK
May 07 2012

I enjoyed reading Reading Hour and loved its layout. I also realised how long it had been since I had read something of this genre and how much I was missing it... Finally placed a subscription order for a year and also ordered the previous issues through Flipkart.

Now that I've got all the issues, I am enjoying each peice - fiction, essay, poetry..... Reading Hour has become my favorite leisure read and its the most relaxed time in the day for me.

Dhiraj, Pune
April 07 2012

The new RH cover (Mar 2012) is fantabulous...

Reeta, Bangalore
March 22 2012

Totally enjoyed the stories in the Mar-Apr issue.. especially the one with the devil and the angel :)

Alaka, Pune
March 21 2012

Your magazine is a reader's delight - absolutely:)

Pauline, Bangalore
March 20 2012

I do appreciate the contents of your magazine. You guys are doing a fine job.

Saloni, Pune
March 20 2012

...thank you so much for introducing us to Reading Hour. It is a very interesting and different publication. I am like a child who got a handful of candies- licking a bit of each to see which is better and wrapping it up for later lest it gets over... relishing bit
by bit!

Sonia, Abu Dhabi
March 15 2012

I stumbled upon your magazine as it was brought over to us by a visitor from India. I found the simplicity and the pure focus on content in your magazine very impressive.

Brijesh, Switzerland
March 15 2012

The glossy cover page of the new issue is wonderful.

Kshitija, Mumbai
March 09 2012

I was impressed not only by the content, but also the quality and layout of the magazine. In the latest issue, I particularly enjoyed the interview with Samhita Arni as Sita's Ramayana was already on my reading list and I'm currently working on a novel based on the Ramayana.

February 26 2012


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