Reader's Letters

My twelve year old grand daughter recommended I read The Cat and the Beanstalk...Hilarious, seriously hilarious! Very cleverly done. She also loved the Masai Mara spread.
I felt that this issue has a better range in fiction, especially when you consider the daring 'That Many Splendoured Thing' at one end and 'A Life Apart' at the other.
'Envy' is scary, epitomising man's selfishness as it does.
Ashok Rane's interview was pretty well fleshed out; what an amazing man.
And while your Light Stuff recreated an era past, it had me in splits over the Dhani-Bhaavdya episode.
The ironic tone of 'When They Ask Me', the imagery of 'Monsoon' and the other-sidedness of 'Kitchen Design' made good reading.
Abha, Mumbai
September 10 2012

Thanks for an interesting issue which came earlier than  expected but was a pleasant arrival  as it was the Onam day.  Then, after viewing the list of contents, I decided to read Sharath Komarraju first but could not turn the pages on Rama Shivakumar’s piece without glancing at passages. So I ended up reading that lovely story first. Was rewarding. Sharath was also entertaining as usual and I couldn’t resist comparing the ending with Rajnikanth’s Enthiran the Robot.

Besides the fiction both the essays and the first person were enjoyable... the pictures from the Masai were spellbinding. Finally the Last Page with the postmodernism of the medieval Kabir striking an unusual dialectic left me bewildered at the philosophy.  

Good show and keep it up.

Sastry, Bangalore
September 04 2012

RH, quick note to tell you I enjoyed Niels Hav's poems in this month's issue very very much.

August 31 2012

I could not put down the issue of Reading Hour! It is lovely - my personal favorites were the essay by Rinkoo Wadhera; story by Veena Prasad and the poetry by Durga Vijayakumar.

Rama, USA
August 31 2012

Wow, the cover is so enticing! ... can't wait to read the whole issue...

Reeta, Bangalore
August 30 2012

Great issue and I like the front cover and the Wrens.

Usha, UK
August 30 2012

In the May-June 2012 Issue - I loved the piece on the Jaisalmer fort, it was like visiting the place itself right from my room. It was funny to read about a cybercafe in the fort!

Rupa, Bangalore
August 14 2012

... would like to tell you that I loved the Music special for the articles on Bhai Baldeep Singh, The Courtyard of Memory, Beloved Rebel: OP Nayyar.

The English ghazal was an eye-opener, had not known that this form has been attempted in the English tradition.

The short stories 'Call of Blood', 'Post Script' and 'Space' were particularly good; each radically different and well-written.

Abha, Mumbai
June 20 2012

The story The Letter (RH Mar 2011) just made my hair stand on end, it's so beautifully written.

Rupa, Bangalore
June 18 2012

Received my copy of Reading Hour... it's a very refreshing cover design and I enjoyed reading couple of the stories - Wax Caryons especially touched a chord or two :)

Prasad, Bangalore
May 09 2012


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