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I could not stop myself from starting to read this issue and I read only the first one now, Simrit's story so wonderful - I have never read a story like this before.
Somehow the word that comes to my mind is delicious, though it's got nothing to do with food, I felt it's the most delicious love story I have ever read.
Thank you.

Rupa, Bangalore
March 05 2013

I read all the fiction pieces in Jan-Feb-2013... They are wonderful. I especially liked Waves in the wind by Janaki Venkataraman; The Geometry of Escape by Rajani Rajamani and also Summer Shoes by Sharada M. All three stories were very well crafted, and had an element of surprise to them. Very enjoyable!

Rama, USA
February 05 2013

I decided to start reading the Jan-Feb 2013 edition as well.
The photographs of Bastar are beautiful. Waves of the wind - loved how the young made a little light shine in an older person's life. And the ending as is the case with many Reading Hour stories, was totally unexpected! It made me think how I am going to be in my seventies. Displaced - at last the thought that comes to the mother's mind to spend Diwali at her daughter's home touched my heart.
Molly's story just made me wish that no one had to live like Molly, wish everyone is happy.
Muktangan reminded me of Baba Amte's story we had in an earlier issue.
Beauty actually makes us drift to all the pictures it paints. I feel like I would love to meet Tejaswini someday. I know another Tejaswini and I admire her a lot too!
My kitchen rules reminded me of my own mother who is very particular about her kitchen and cooking .
I loved the quote by Robert A. Heinlein, simply superb and so right! And to Alan Bennett, that's exactly how I feel!

Rupa, Bangalore
January 20 2013

...thought of sitting down and reading Reading Hour today.
Food,sex,love just gave me goose bumps. I hope the lady had the baby...
The Better Thief, actually analyzes the thoughts of a thief, wow! How ingenious! And what an unexpected ending!
The story of Angulimala makes one think how one action can spurt something which one may not imagine when doing that action.
Experiences of natural farming where Harish talks about not filling up the pot completely with soil and putting organic waste, I remembered how I used to put the left overs from the vegetables( I had cut like part of cabbages and other vegetables while cooking) into the pots and I used to wonder if I was being silly!
A Name is Everything is a very touching poem.
The poem Listening made me think - so true.
The history of credit cards was amazing to read!

Rupa, Bangalore
January 20 2013

I managed to get all the  issues  of "Reading Hour" from Jan-Feb 2011 to the latest issue
and have read all the issues.It was a wonderful experience.
I request you to caption the photos that are published along with the short travelogues.
I would have been happy to see a photo of Ruskin Bond's house.
... Am eagerly waiting for the next issue.

Dr Jairaj
November 26 2012

Enjoyed the last issue, especially the power of "Obstinacy" and the emotion of "Food, Sex, Love", plus the stunning photographs of Mussoorie.

November 23 2012

The stories are good and one of them Mirage is rather bold! The one about the old father, Kabutar ka Kinara is very relevant.

November 23 2012

Congratulations on another delightful issue of Reading Hour. My personal favorite was Kabuthar ka Kinara: enjoyed the simple, sensitive narration- lovely story! My best to the writer!

Rama, USA
November 22 2012

Fabulous is the word for the cover of Sep-Oct issue. Satish Kumar is truly gifted. Sheela Indra's 'pindol wali' was humour evoking. Fiction by Veena Prasad, Rama Shivkumar and Chandni Singh appealed to me, so also, Bhaadvya and Phalgun shet's exchange.

Smitha, delhi
October 09 2012

I read through your magazine after finding mention of it in The Hindu. Congratulations on a wonderful effort!

October 08 2012


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