Reader's Letters

Congratulations to Priyanka Suresh. Her 'Sunshine Through Sugarcane Fields' is pleasantly warm.

She has nicely brought out the rural north indian ambience come alive in the story. I am waiting for the remaining ninety nine odd tales she is still hoarding.

Thanks to Reading Hour for publishing such a nice story.

October 31 2013
I enjoyed the other poems - especially 'a familial event' and 'the athlete' and loved the sky-jasmine cover - yet another common name for the cork tree :)
Nina, Bangalore
September 01 2013

We thoroughly savoured the July issue. Notably -
Rumjhum Biswas has the ability to delve deep into the complex pool that is the human mind and it's currents. Mohan Kumar's poetry...  Alaka's prose on Jack fruit brought back old days when cutting the jack fruit was a mega agenda at home and biting into its flavoured sweetness. In Kerala the unripe fruit is used to make delicious vegetable called 'upperi' to go with rice... and who can forget the thin slices of fried jackfruit chips!
Neera Kashyap's work of trauma and self healing truly struck a chord. The essays especially Stuti's work was interesting and so was Anjum Hassan's interview..  great !!!

Smitha, Delhi
July 26 2013

Another very entertaining and thought-provoking issue (Jul-Aug 2013). Congratulations. Among the poems, I was especially awed by the imagery of 'Far out' by M. Mohankumar.

Malini, Chennai
July 08 2013

Lovely! How much I love that cover! :)

It is so surreal and beautiful. (Jul-Aug 2013)

Anubha, Delhi
July 08 2013

Great reading experience. Thank you.

May 10 2013

I am sure the magazine will continue to do very well because it combines range, quality and easy readability. I greatly enjoyed many of the short stories. Janaki Venkataraman's was a real treat. I intend to write and tell her so! Congratulations on bringing out an excellent magazine.

Malini, Chennai
May 07 2013

I really enjoyed reading Aseem Jha's story... I think there's a novel in there... the characters begged for a longer tale.

March 16 2013

‘Still Life’ by Somnath Mukherji is an excellent story written with great skill.
What a love story is ‘In Those Days’!
When I came to ‘Mystic Poet Mahadeviyakka’, I forgot every taste of earlier humanities because I felt strangely elated with the sublime beauty that this essay has in its wonderful description of the life and contribution of a medieval religious poetess and a devotee of Lord Shiva of Veerashaiva group.

Ramesh, Bahraich
March 12 2013

All the stories were uniformly good and could not give any ranking! Nevertheless, the first one on the stomach cramps stood out from the rest. This time your themed issue worked better and so keep it up.

Sastry, Bangalore
March 06 2013


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