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rumjhum Biswas is a writer based in Chennai. Her fiction and poetry have been published all over the world, and she has won prizes and accolades for her work. Including the recent first p

Do mothers and daughters share an umbilicus exclusively kitchen bound?

The delightful story of a school and a difficult problem.

Even domesticated, the cat retains something of the wild...


Got the new RH! Have read only half of it as yet... but I loved Condiments by rumjhum Biswas and The King of Dreams by Jahnavi Barua - I find a lot of soul in her writing...

I read the November issue of Reading Hour -a well chosen and balanced assortment of writing work in a magazine that I read with pure undiluted pleasure always-Kudos to the team. The fiction article

We thoroughly savoured the July issue. Notably - rumjhum Biswas has the ability to delve deep into the complex pool that is the human mind and it's currents. Mohan Kumar's poetry...  

  Here we are at the last issue of 2011. It’s nearly a year since we launched  Reading Hour as well - a year of many discoveries and lessons. We have collected a modest fol

    The newspaper lining the spice shelf is so caked with oil that it’s turned into a sticky, smelly multi-layered wad of waxed paper. More than a month has passed


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