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monideepa Sahu is an internationally published writer of fiction and non fiction. Her fantasy adventure novel for young readers, Riddle of the Seventh Stone, is published by Zubaan Books. She has a

An interview with critically acclaimed author Usha K R.

An interview with the talented science fiction / fantasy / mainstream writer Samit Basu


"...Received my copy of Reading hour and you can't imagine how excited I am. It really has turned out very well..."

Heartbreaks & Dreams! The Girls @ IIT Fiction: Parul A. Mittal Srishti Publishers (2010) Reviewer: Deepa Kandaswamy A girl in an engineering college is already in a minority and when

The Groaning Shelf (and other instances of book love) Literary Essays by Pradeep Sebastian Hachette, 2010 Reviewer: Jayanti Venkat The subtitle says it all. This is a book about book

It’s September and the ground under the cork tree is littered with stars. We wish we could also package the heavenly smell of the ‘mara malli’ into the cover for you! History,



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