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Arul is a Bangalore based freelance photographer who is a Software Release Manager by profession. He wandered into the Reading Hour world just by chance but is hopefully here to stay! He can be rea

An English Lit. post-graduate, Anita freelances for Indian magazines with articles, fiction, poetry. Her 'Moksha and other poems' (2002) won the third prize in Indo-Asian Literature Poetry

Charu is a freelance writer based in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. She has close to 500 articles in print, and has authored three books.

Payal is an author, freelance writer and Assistant Editor, GEO. She has written four books (Satin: A Stich in Time is the latest), many short stories and numerous articles on technology, books and

Sreelata Menon freelances in travel and non-fiction. She is widely travelled and has authored a book on freelance writing.

Siddhartha freelances in the advertising industry in various roles. Occasionally he writes on subjects that interest him.

Tapas is  a freelance writer and photographer.

Asma is an M.A. Literature & Applied Linguistics. She is a freelance critic and poet.

After designing training material for several years in a leading MNC, Ritu branched out as a freelance writer. She is working on her first book besides pursuing twin passions of dance and photograp

Born in Ahmedabad, Vineet the 'Troubadour' Kaul has been exploring words as his medium of expression through poetry, prose and music (guitarist / lyricist). He works as a journalist / freel



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