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janaki is a freelance writer based in Chennai. She loves the short story format, but is, however, currently working on a novel.

Hilarious story set in little known government department where a chance death lets loose horror and mayhem

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I loved the magazine and am reading the stories one by one. The poetry was great. What I love about Reading Hour is its slightly informal tone and its great literary quality.

I read all the fiction pieces in Jan-Feb-2013... They are wonderful. I especially liked Waves in the wind by janaki Venkataraman; The Geometry of Escape by Rajani Rajamani and also Summer Shoes by

I am sure the magazine will continue to do very well because it combines range, quality and easy readability. I greatly enjoyed many of the short stories. janaki Venkataraman's was a real treat

What a summer is upon us this year! Blank white dawns, glaring noons, and stifling sunsets gaudy with colour. Indeed, too hot the eye of heaven shines down this May. Surely then, it could be respec



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