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Chaturvedi.divi lives in prasanthi Nilayam in Andhra Pradesh with his wife Dr Sai Mangala. They are associated with the service activities of Sri Sathya Sai Mission.

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Short Stories     Nov-Dec 2011: Condiments Sep-Oct 2011: Red socks on Christmas Trees Jul-Aug 2011: Makeover

            Veena was six years old when she first became aware of her ‘otherness’ and it had nothing to do with the c

It’s you isn’t it? Who clips the coin of the moon with a nailclipper each night, And quilts it back into a collage? It’s you isn’t it? Who gave the neig

by mythili and brinda Degrees of Change° ‘Six degrees could change the world’ is a film that hypothesises how the world would look with every degree rise in temperature

by Madhukar Shukla Ever since I got interested in the field of Social Entrepreneurship, admittedly not too many years ago, I have been fascinated by the small beginnings of some life or wo

In 1997, Rajeev Kher was in Canada as a business management intern, selling financial plans for an investment firm. While there, he chanced upon a portable toilet. It was the first time he had

The Groaning Shelf (and other instances of book love) Literary Essays by Pradeep Sebastian Hachette, 2010 Reviewer: Jayanti Venkat The subtitle says it all. This is a book about book



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