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abha iyengar is an internationally published poet, author and creative writing mentor. Her work has appeared in Pure Slush, Bewildering Stories, Danse Macabre,Muse India, New Asian Writing

The whimsical story of a man's obsession with hair and its association with youthfulness ...

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A retired IPS officer, poet-writer and Sahitya Akademi award-winner, Keki N Daruwalla talks to abha iyengar about his books, inspiration, future plans.

Ashwin Sanghi discusses his writing, inspirations, research and how he temporarily takes on the persona of his characters while working on a novel!

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'Reading Hour' makes for wonderful reading... I am reading it slowly - one at a time - to capture the flavour and mull over the essence of each piece. abha iyengar's 'Haircut Sunday

I do not find myself dangling from your fingertips anymore. The cigarette that you could put forever to your lips one end to suck from the other end glowing because of it, so full


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