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Gauri Barlingay

Gauri is an Indian American medical student who is a voracious reader and a prolific poet. This is her first published work.


Geetanjali Joshi

Geetanjali works as a Product Manager. She loves stories - reading and writing.


Geetha Ravichandran

Geetha is a bureaucrat posted in Bangalore. She enjoys writing now and then. writing

Geralyn Pinto

Geralyn lives life between a page and a stage. She is the Head-of-department of Post-graduate English at St Agnes College, Mangalore. A gifted actress herself, she runs a vibrant theatre programme for her students.


Goirick Brahmachari

Goirick hails from Silchar, Assam. His work has appeared in North East Review, Nether, Pyrta Journal, Raedleaf Poetry, The Hindu, Economic and Political Weekly and others. writing

Gouri Dange

Gouri Dange is a columnist and family counselor. She is author of 3 Zakia Mansion and The Counsel of Strangers. Her non-fiction book is The ABCs of Parenting.


Gowri N Kishore

Gowri N Kishore is an engineer by accident and an MBA by design. She is a freelance writer and avid people-watcher who finds humor and inspiration in everyday life. Gowri resides in Bangalore, a city she’s wanted to live in since the age of 15.



H4CKED writing

Harish Amur

Harish is a farmer and educator. He also volunteers for an NGO. He enjoys writing in Kannada & English, and lives in Dharwad.


Harish Muralidhar

Harish is a consultant by profession obsessed with classical music, photography and writing for post work getaways.



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