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Ashok Niyogi

Ashok is a world traveller and writer. He has two books of poems to his credit ‘Reflections in the dark’ and ‘Tentatively’, apart from publications in journals worldwide. As Bhagirathananda, he has also written two books of essays, ‘Hence an enquiry into Brahman’ and ‘My Yajna’.


Ashutosh Ratnam

Ashutosh Ratnam’s conquering ambition is to star in a moody black and white picture on the inner leaf of a paperback. He also reluctantly but diligently practices medicine, wrestles with and is usually beaten juiceless by Monday mornings, and would probably have begun smoking by now if it hadn’t been injurious to health.He has published articles in ezines.


Ashwin Honawar

Ashwin is a journalist with 18 years experience in India and abroad. He is interested in writing on various issues of public interest.


Ashwin Shankar

Ashwin spent 9 years in Africa, doing software projects across several countries and visiting all the nature parks. He is presently based in Bangalore.


Asma Ladha

Asma is an M.A. Literature & Applied Linguistics. She is a freelance critic and poet.


Aspi Mistry

Aspi is a Petroleum Oil Refinery professional. He and his wife are well travelled and love to hop around the world meeting people and making friends.


Astha Gupta

Astha graduated from a management school in India but has now concluded that it is poetic meters and rhythms that she strategizes best. She lives in Bangalore and her poems have been published in international literary journals like Asian Cha, Madswirl, Danse Macabre and Asia Writes.


Avinash Krishnamurthy

Avinash works on issues of technology, economics, ecology and people. He is  a part of Biome Environmental Solutions & Small Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund.


Azra Daniel Francis

Azra is retired and lives in Canada. He is searching for an explanation of what poetry is, to fit all poems written by him or others. Even though sometimes poems hurt, he continues to write and read, being slave to aTyrant Muse.


Barnali Saha

Barnali is a transplanted Bengali currently living in New Delhi. She enjoys writing short fiction and poetry, and has been published in several magazines and newspapers in India, and in various electronic journals in USA.



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