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Ardra Manasi

Ardra is currently pursuing  Masters in Development Studies at Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Madras. She has published a collection of poems  in Malayalam –‘ Jalatharpanam’ in 2007 ( Unma publications), as well as written for the Hindu and academic publications.


Arjun Rajendran

Arjun has written for Asian Cha, Pratilpi, etc. He's a technical writer in the USA and lives with his wife, who blames him for being a bad influence on the neighbourhood possum.


Arjun Subramaniam

Arjun is a senior officer in the Indian Air Force. He is a fighter pilot and a Ph.D., who has written extensively in national newspapers and magazines.


Arka Mukhopadhyaya

Arka Mukhopadhyay is a journeyman who sometimes expresses himself through theatre and poetry. He has been published in New Quest, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Battered Suitcase, Quay Journal, Drunken Boat, etc .


Arul Chib

Arul is a professor at Nanyang Technological University, lucky enough to have found coinciding trajectories in work and play.


Arun Chitnis

Arun is a professional content and copy writer, proof-reader and editor. His areas of interest are medical and lifestyle issues, family dynamics, parenting, natural health, home improvement, real estate, humour and fiction. He lives in Navi Mumbai.


Aseem Jha

Aseem is a free lance writer and translator (English/Hindi) who writes on literary and career issues. Short fiction is a favourite genre. He has been published in frontline national dailies.


Ashok Kanetkar

Ashok is an engineer and retired executive. He currently teaches financial management in management institutes.


Ashok Niyogi

Ashok is a world traveller and writer. He has two books of poems to his credit ‘Reflections in the dark’ and ‘Tentatively’, apart from publications in journals worldwide. As Bhagirathananda, he has also written two books of essays, ‘Hence an enquiry into Brahman’ and ‘My Yajna’.


Ashutosh Ratnam

Ashutosh Ratnam’s conquering ambition is to star in a moody black and white picture on the inner leaf of a paperback. He also reluctantly but diligently practices medicine, wrestles with and is usually beaten juiceless by Monday mornings, and would probably have begun smoking by now if it hadn’t been injurious to health.He has published articles in ezines.



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