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Sasan Bazgir

Sasan from Iran is doing his PhD in English Literature at Pune University. He has published Persian and English poetry.


Shafeeq Valanchery

Shafeeq is a PhD scholar at EFLU Hyderabad. He is an active blogger.


Sharada M

Sharada is a veterinary graduate working out of Mumbai who indulges a creative streak in her free time.


Sharath Komarraju

Sharath is an 'IT Guy' based in Auckland, New Zealand. He writes fiction after hours. Amaryllis (an imprint of Manjul) is bringing out his first two novels over the next year or so, by which time he hopes to have something more to peddle. He has published in Pratilipi.


Sharvani H S

Sharvani is a student from Bangalore with a decided passion for literature, constantly hoping to better herself in all aspects of her character.


Shashank Tripathi

Shashank Tripathi is a farmer and is professionally trained in art of film-
making. He is an independent film-maker.


Sheela Indra

Sheela Indra has been writing short stories in Hindi since the fifties and has a wide readership. She also wrote plays for Akaashvani. She has written for Hindi magazines like Dharmayug, Sapatahik Hindustan, Navneet, Kahani, Kadambari, Sarita and recently in Naya Gyanodaya, Kathadesh, Navneet, Vagarth, Paakhi and Hans. Parag, Nandan and Bal Bharti have earlier published stories for children. Last year, Samayak Prakashan of New Delhi published two of her books; Ek Bada Savaal, a collection of short stories, and Kya KahuN Kya Na KahuN.


Shefali Tripathi Mehta

Shefali is the author of 'What were they thinking!' She writes courseware for a living and stories to make living worthwhile.


Shiva Kumar

Shiva is an engineer. Writing is a pastime. His other interests include music and photography.


Shivika Mathur

Shivika is pursuing an M.Phil. in English at Delhi University.



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