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Nandini Nair

Nandini is a Delhi-based journalist at present but has always been a storyteller.


Nandita Bose

Nandita focuses on relationships and romance in the poems, short stories and novels she writes. Her first novel Tread Softly has just been released. A second, Shadow and Soul is soon to be out.


Neera Kashyap

Neera has published short stories for children for Rupa & Co. and Children’s Book Trust. She interprets ancient literatures and spiritual texts for contemporary readers and now writes fiction as a means to creatively understand social and political issues.


Nidhin Shobhana

Nidhin says, "Writing provides me with the time and patience to articulate my feelings in a much better way . It diverts my restlessness. The choice to write in English is  hardly a choice. I do not know any other language proficiently.I would have loved to write in Malayalam, but my migrant existence always denied me  the opportunity to grasp my mother tongue well.

I write about my shared experiences. they are like precious commons. My mother acts as a channel to narrate these shared commons. Writing helps me grow beyond my identities, transcend them. And later even ground my own realities. 
I have  keen interests in urban studies, oral histories, women's studies, informal economy and dalit studies. All my interests are closely linked to my familial experiences."

Niels Hav

Niels Hav is a full time poet and short story writer living in Copenhagen with awards from The Danish Arts Council. In English he has We Are Here, published by Book Thug, and poetry and fiction in numerous magazines including The Literary Review, Ecotone, Exile, The Los Angeles Review and PRISM International. In his native Danish the author of six collections of poetry and three books of short fiction. His work has been translated into several languages such as Arabic, Turkish, Spanish and Chinese. He has travelled widely in Europe, Asia, North- and South America.


Nilesh Bakhle

Nilesh is a technologist and omnivorous reader residing in Pune. While waiting to find his voice as a writer, he blogs.


Nirupama Subramanian

Nirupama has published articles, travelogues and fiction in newspapers and magazines. She has won a Commonwealth Short Story prize in 2006 and is author of the best-selling novel Keep The Change.


Nishita Surin

Nishita is a graphic designer, illustrator and web designer who enjoys writing as well.


Nita Bajoria

Nita lives in Kolkata. After 10 years of manufacturing kitchens, she switched to writing to fulfil a long-held passion. writing

P Shukla & L Luthria

P.Shukla and L.Luthria are advocates in Bangalore  and  occasionally enjoy  writing fiction.



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