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Makarand Sahasrabuddhe

Makarand is a social development professional with 2 decades of experience in South & Central Asia; currently based in Nairobi, Kenya. He has written for the Times of India, Maharashtra Herald, Sakal Times, LokSatta, Maharashtra Times, Saptahik Sakal, IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus.


Malclm Carvalho

Malcolm is a writer and software engineer in no particular order. He writes poetry and fiction, and is working on his second book while awaiting a publisher for his first.


Malini Seshadri

Malini is a freelance writer and editor. she has authored a chidren's book and co-authored value education textbooks. She is a former columnist based in Chennai.


Manisha Vinay Bhandari

Manisha is an MCom. student, preparing for various MBA examinations. She loves writing, calligraphy and volunteering for Art Of Living.


Manjushree Hegde

Manjushree reads a lot, and firmly believes in the transformative, explanatory and healing power of a good story. She enjoys writing also, and is currently undertaking a writer’s course to hone her skills.  


Manoj Kewalramani

Manoj is a journalist/author based in Mumbai. His latest book, Fairy Tales: Love, Hate and Hubris, is a poetic retelling of classic fairy tales from the antagonists’ perspective.


Mayura Mohta

Mayura is a Nutrition & Fitness Consultant based in Singapore. A microbiologist by profession, her passion for health and fitness prompted her to start a social enterprise-Healthfriend which promotes wellness in the local community through seminars and workshops. The profits from these are sent to charities that support malnourished children.


Meena Bhole

Meena is based in Pune. She is a trained nurse, talented seamstress, and marvellous cook who feeds soft chapati every day to a pair of hornbills on her balcony.


Meghna Pant

Meghna has written non-fiction for Little India (US), The South Asian Times (US), MiD Day, Man’s World and Hindustan Times, fiction in EGO Magazine (US) and Six Sentences. She is a Top Ten finalist in WordHustler’s Literary Storm Novel Contest (US).


Mercy Ponnupandy

Mercy is a Senior Consultant on Content Management based in Bangalore, India. She is a computer nerd who likes to write about her fascinations – Indian art, architecture, and history. Also likes to write flash fiction and has an inclination towards magic realism.



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