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Alan Vaca

Alan works as a manager with the Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai. His passion is writing songs, short stories and essays.


Aman Chougle

Aman works for Ascent Designs. He enjoys writing, making movies, messing around with media software, or playing the guitar. He has published his short stories in various online journals.


Aminta Goyel

Aminta is a writer & filmmaker. Originally from Bombay and currently living in New York, she hopes to continue to tell stories of stark reality.


Amit Charles

Amit Charles B. aka Scribbler is an authentic Bangalorean (since 1982), who currently owns a scribble pad, a camera, a casual wardrobe, a detuned guitar with corroding strings and a bank locker that echoes back 7 times if you happen to breathe hard into it. Indulge in his scribbles at http://scribblezpad.blogspot.com/


Amitava Dasgupta

Amitava is a Professor of Pathology and a poet. His poetry has appeared in magazines in the US and UK and has won several awards.


Anandam Ravi

Anandam Ravi is an Instructional Designer by profession, and writes down the poems and short stories that swim around in her brain when she needs to make room for new stuff. She has been published online in indiaparenting.com and Blue Mountain Arts and a few literary e-zines.


Ananya Guha

Ananya lives in Shillong and works in the Indira Gandhi National Open University.His poems have been published in online and print journals in India and abroad.


Anil K Bhole

Anil K Bhole lives in Pune. He is a travel, nature and history enthusiast.


Anindita Deo

Anindita Deo is waiting for nothing while she amuses herself with words. Someday she will learn to seek. Perhaps, strive. Too.


Anisha Sridhar

Anisha Sridhar is a journalist and screenwriter who writes all day and sometimes get paid for it. She has been published in Sunday Observer, 080 Magazine, J.A.M., Darpan, Marie Claire, The New Indian Express.



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