Chatting with Usha K R
Monideepa Sahu

"Shashi Deshpande’s early work brought home the fact that English was an Indian language and could be the language of fiction, my fiction." ...full article

When the wetlands come alive!
Alaka Yeravadekar

... As if in response, a large blue grey shape with a long slender neck rose silently into the air...

Conversations with Baba Amte
Anita Kainthla

"I thought I was not afraid of anything... And here I was, running away from a dying man. I knew I had to crucify this fear."

Impressions of Azerbaijan
Makarand Sahasrabuddhe

... Situated as it is, on the cusp of Asia and Europe, Azerbaijan is more European than Asian. This is evident in the dress, behaviour, life styles and speech... full article

Shefali Kamdar
Mira Desai

Perhaps our derelict neighbourhood had the will and the means to provide two square meals for those two men, the new tenants, but that didn’t quite happen. Their closed first-floor windows seemed to state - leave us alone, ... full story

Haircut Sunday
Abha Iyengar

Last time he had insisted on an Aamir Khan haircut. Before that he had had a part of the front scalp scraped off and the back hair grown into a pony tail which he braided assiduously every day... full story

Payal Dhar

In that narrow, bustling street, I only had eyes for one building. How funny that I had passed by countless times before and never noticed it.

Pooja Ohri Gandhi

Gauri, her first born, her heart’s desire, confirmed her faith in the miracle of life itself.

Did he do it?
Capt. A Rowe

The Sabari, already atrophied into a narrow stream in the dry, cold season, flowed painfully, like the fading memory of a distant past... full story

One Winter Evening
Aditya Sudarshan

I cannot pretend to offer any explanation for what happened, but I can testify, for whatever it is worth, that it is the truth... full story

Divya Bhatia

Love was doled out in plates back then. It never fails to surprise me now when young grandmothers caution against over-eating or weight gain. In my grandmpother's time, children could never be plump enough. full story

Several authors

...a catch in our lonely throats
will spring a chance meeting...
...If faith is blind

can it encompass
the vast expanse of sky?
You ask why I keep this old table?
Because it's a page of history:...
...I don't remember what came next
except perhaps adolescence...
...You drew in love
and blew out smoke...

Vipul Rikhi

As a result of his sins on earth, X went to hell. There were no raging fires or lava lakes there. X was merely forced to live his life all over again.
He could not quite believe it. He was to do the whole damned thing all over again, one more time. full story

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