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 Submission Guide

  1. Submissions must be sent as Microsoft Word attachments (.doc or .rtf) via email to editors@differsense.com. We do not accept paper submissions.
  2. Please make the editor’s job easier: Each submission must be a new email thread, attach only one submission per email, use an appropriate email subject: “Submission: Short Fiction:<manuscript name>”.
  3. Please give the document an appropriate title. Best would be <author> - <piece title>.
  4. Do include a brief description of your piece, either in the writers form or the email itself.
  5. If submitting to us for the first time, or to update your details, please attach the completed Writer's Form  to your email.
  6. We are fine with simultaneous submissions (i.e., submitting the same piece of work to other journals), but notify us in case your piece is accepted elsewhere before we publish.
  7. If submitting a translation, please indicate language, author and publication of the original work.

Style Guide

  1. Set the Language setting to U.K. English in your word processor.
  2. Ensure your submission is checked for spelling errors, grammar, punctuation, and consistency before submission to save time.
  3. Please include a legend that explains non-English words.
  4. Use Times New Roman, double line spacing for the text.
  5. Include your name under the title of the piece.

Content Guide

Short Fiction 1200 - 4000 words This magazine is all about the stories - we're looking for stories in various genres, romance, humour, suspense, drama, etc. They should cater to a mixed audience.
Verse 100-400 words Looking for insightful, touching or inspiring poetry... simply told!
Turning Point ~ 1200 words Stories of successful entrepreneurship, or life-changing career switch, a victory with respect to a career, untrodden career paths, high-impact careers, lesser known careers, etc. Could take the form of a profile / interview of a personality along with the narration of her story. Could be a true life story of survival, extraordinary people / experiences / organisations, etc.
Chatting with... ~ 1200 words An interview with a person from a literary or any other creative art background.
Are you reading this? 350-600 words Book reviews
Essays 800-1500 words
  • Spiritual / philosophical, may or may not tell a story; might include translations / interpretations from old texts or writing; might be a folk tale narrated in modern style
  • Places and People: We do not want the average travelogue / tourist guide, we're looking for 'personalised' pieces with a 'lived-this' feel to them. About a place you've spent sufficient time in, to soak in its character, that of its people, lifestyles, cuisine, and interactions or experiences there. Could even unfold like a story. Could be an off-the-beaten-track write up.
  • Life Today: On any issue that is worthy of debate, discussion and thought currently - the environment, the widening gap between the haves and have-nots, the inorganic growth of cities, the cost of living, rural migration, disappearing languages / cultures, resurgence of traditional medicine, genetic modification, stress, diseases,  parenting, etc.
  • Creative Pursuits / Hobbies: music, literature, poetry or other creative pursuits / passions - could be humorous, a personal experience, analytical, historical, a practitioner's view, etc.
Light Stuff   Jokes, small articles, recipes, cartoons. The recipe must be a recipe with a story!

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