Sep-Oct 2012

After being glued to the glorious spectacle of the London Olympics for a fortnight it was quite difficult getting reacquainted with grids and margins and the relative virtues of ‘smelled’ over ‘smelt’. However, we managed to get it all done with the patient cooperation of our writers and so here we are with our latest issue.

Recently, a 63 year old endurance swimmer Ms. Nyad, was in the news for attempting a cage-less crossing of the Straits of Florida – she swam more than 40 hours and tried to make it bearable by replaying her favourite songs in her head! Well, writer Sarah Rand affirms that there is no right age to ‘chase down your fears’ as she attempts a skydive in Free Fall. Rinkoo Wadhera writes of the hybrid culture of Gangtok and prayer wheels that send ‘peace, harmony and happiness towards all people’ – surely a need of the present when distraught crowds fled the cities en masse to their homes in north-east India. And from another continent Reeta Mani sends in a photo-report of a spectacular wild-life encounter at Masai Mara. National award winner, film critic and documentary film maker Ashok Rane shares his observations and experiences in an interview.

There are two translations in this issue that readers will surely enjoy – a sample of Danish poet Niels Hav’s poetry; and a couple of charming episodes extracted from the memoirs of Hindi writer Sheela Indra.

Sharath Komarraju is back with some science fiction laced with all too human  emotions in Envy. Chandni Singh’s A Life Apart is the story of a woman made  invisible by her occupation. That the course of true love ne’er did run smooth we knew well, but sometimes it runs rather more roughly for the well-meaning bystander as is seen in That Many Splendoured Thing. For those looking for something light there’s the little whimsy The Cat and the Beanstalk. Writing on the Wall is a modern story of a working couple and the role of social media in their lives.

The cover celebrates the upcoming festive season with Satish Kumar’s vibrant art. We look forward as always to your feedback, do write and tell us what you thought of the issue.

Happy reading!


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