Jul-Aug 2011

The rains are here! Or on their way at least.

Monsoon rains... the stuff of poetry, music, love and longing, I rather expected this issue to be bursting with rain inspired pieces! But as water laden clouds continue to play hide-and-seek, so does the rain duck in and out of the pages in this issue.
Mysterious events occur on a stormy night By the Swollen Stream and Emerald Beetles burst into town with the first showers, while a poet languishes Indoors due to rain and illness. Elsewhere, a village wife becomes a Rich Woman; another woman finds love after an unlikely Makeover, while a friend is lost in Border Crossings. A man battles eternal questions in The Music Shop and Garuda Saahasa. As August approaches, the story New Clear takes us to Hiroshima with a message of peace.

Of course, there are interesting reads besides the stories and poetry too. Henning Mankell talks about letting his iconic character Kurt Wallander “enter the world of Alzheimer’s for me”. We have a friend on the spot in Juba, as the new country of South Sudan takes birth (Among Alien Corn), and another in West Bengal, to find out about snakes (Simultala Conservationists). We ponder whole number solutions to ancient equations (Fermat’s Enigma), hang out in London pubs (A Pub for all Seasons), bicycle through rural India (Spirit of the Invisible) and collapse in no-man’s land between Thailand and Cambodia (Of Beers and Borders).

All this and more awaits only the turn of a page.

As for how we are doing it’s early days yet, but we’re beginning to stir interest, just beginning to hear a small chorus of voices impatient to know - “When will the next issue be out?” We are happy to hear your voices and may they grow in number.
With this issue, we would have worked with more than seventy writers for Reading Hour. Our effort to ensure their work reaches as many readers as possible continues, as does our commitment to discover new, exciting talent.

May it rain softly on you. Happy reading!


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