Mar-Apr 2011

Well here we are, already at Issue 2. Time certainly flies when you’re reading stories... to say nothing of the rest of the circus that is an issue’s journey from desktop to shelf!

Initial reactions to Reading Hour have been positive and encouraging. Readers are intrigued by the concept and production; our thanks to those who have subscribed, and called or emailed their appreciation.

In a day and age when time is at a premium, and even newspapers remain unopened some days, why should one read fiction? I ask myself first, and get an emotional response - I panic if there’s nothing to read! But really, where would we meet the people and have the experiences a story provides us? There are easy lessons on life and cultures in stories. We are ‘engaged’ as we read,  and that’s a positive experience. I think, stories also help us with people and situations (and there’s no avoiding either, is there); they make us observant and perhaps tolerant. Furthermore, it’s an entertaining and peaceable pastime - there’s no fighting over the remote!

So then, do read the stories our second issue has on offer: a haunting story about a girl whose letters never arrive, a furore over a kiss (Osculation), the futuristic but believable Arranged Marriage, the dilemmas of servant maid Naina, the terrifying tale Oleander, and several other stories.

There’s poetry and reviews, an interview with the  talented Samit Basu, and two travel stories - from well-known Kanha and lesser-known Sirsi. There is a  first person tribute to Shri Bhimsen Joshi, an interesting premise in The Food Mood Connection, and an article on Tanjore art by a passionate practitioner.

I hope you enjoy this issue. Do send in your feedback and suggestions to We’re on Facebook too, of course.


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