May-Jun 2011

As the summer sun scorches the air, find yourself a cool spot and dip into the latest offering from Reading Hour.

There was feedback from several readers requesting longer stories. So, in our third issue we’ve included some longer stories, and hopefully more varied ones too. Like the story of an adolescent infatuation guilelessly told in Scent of Ripe Guavas, or the story of an unlikely friendship in Justice, the struggle of a villager in Tale of a Corpse, and the mythological fiction piece Flight from the Bastions. Of course, for those who would still catch a story or two on the ride to work, there are shorter ones too.

The essays are quite a mix - experiments with simplified living, the travails of the Goan Poder, the story of the birth of a book on Tibet, a travel piece on the unique site of Lonar and one on the historical site of Gallipoli. There is an interview with noted author Kavery Nambisan. As for the poetry, I am sure those of you who enjoy it will find poems to come back to again and again.

Some readers have asked us why the name Reading Hour? Well, we thought grownups should have a ‘reading hour’ too, to enjoy stories, or poetry or another’s experiences. An hour that’s a respite from the frenzied ticking of the clock.

Hearing from readers is heart-warming, especially those who tell us which particular pieces they liked. Do keep sending in your feedback and suggestions to

We hope you like this issue. Truth be told, we’re still ‘discovering our voice’, as they say. And I’m not sure there’s an end to that journey. But hopefully all of us - our toiling writers, enthusiastic readers, and the team at Reading Hour enjoy being co-travellers on it!


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