Jul-Aug 2011: Poem 'Divine Intervention' by Asma Ladha

It’s you isn’t it?

Who clips the coin of the moon with a nailclipper
each night,

And quilts it back into a collage?

It’s you isn’t it?
Who gave the neighbourhood cat gangrene,
Soon after you gave her kittens?

It’s you isn’t it?
Who skewered the sparrows on the sun’s crisp ray
And cut across the clouds with it?

It’s you isn’t it?
Who made those hands, that wrought these rods,
Which curb my windows?

It’s you isn’t it?
Who makes the pine trees swoon
Like dervishes in maarifat?

It’s you, I know, who made me,
And you who made him,
Why didn’t you then, make him mine?

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