Nov-Dec 2011 Editorial


Here we are at the last issue of 2011. It’s nearly a year since we launched  Reading Hour as well - a year of many discoveries and lessons. We have collected a modest following that will hopefully stay loyal even as it is supplemented in the coming year. Nothing works better than word of mouth and we look to our readers to help spread word about the magazine!


This time we bring you another lovely lot of stories and I’m sure all or many of them provoke thought or at the least, entertain!

We have Jahnavi Barua’s touching story King of Dreams, Anu Kumar’s story of a layabout turned enterprising entrepreneur Clash of Ambitions, Rumjhum Biswas’ contemplative Condiments. And then, Sulekha Nair’s account of the last days of a dying newspaper is hilarious (not prescient though, one hopes!), and so is Sharath Komarraju’s story of romance and friendships in Vaagdevi College. Existential questions are raised in Jack Strong and Vatsala Bisen’s curious story Prisoner. There is a translation of a Marathi story Migrant, which depicts the turmoil stirred up by a routine Children’s Day celebration. And then there are many wonderful poems too.

Amidst all this, an afficionado has an ‘art-attack’ that leads her to Moscow and St. Petersburg while another follows her nose and discovers a special curry recipe. Avinash Krishnamurthy discusses pertinent questions on water in his essay. We  interview writer Ashwin Sanghi (winner of the Vodafone-Crossword Popular Choice Award 2010) in this issue.

These are rapidly changing times in the publishing industry; whatever form and method reading adopts in the future, I hope the creative content of Reading Hour will find its audience.

The Christmas and New Year season approaches - we wish you and your families great cheer and togetherness. Happy reading!


PS: The ‘lady with a book’ (courtesy Meena Bhole) on the cover is my aunt and one time fellow bookworm - together, we devoured shelves of Maugham, A J Cronin and du Maurier during the summer vacations I spent at my grandmother’s place!

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